On July 16th, 17th and 18th, trouw can visit he 4Arts exhibition in De Dorpkerk, Durgerdammerdijk 76 in Durgerdam (Amsterdam). Four artists from different disciplines together form the 4Arts. You can discover the work of the four artists Edith van Eijden-Calis (ceramics), Roderique "Dracorubio" Arisiaman (photography), Ans Westra (sculptures) and Simone Stawicki (paintings and mixed media).

Edith van Eijden-Calis makes ceramics. Self-taught, she has discovered clay as her favorite material to express her creatively. She works with the raku and naked raku technique. 

Roderique “Dracorubio” Arisiaman is a storyteller and picture maker. The work that 4Arts is showing is his photography and image editing

Ans Westra makes sculptures in stone and bronze. What fascinates her is the craftsmanship.

Simone Stawicki shows her landscape paintings of mixed media. 

Opening hours of the 4Arts Durgerdam exhibition are from 11AM to 5 PM.

More information can be found on the site www.4arts.eu.