This is the second October reading of RaamopRusland after the success of the first lecture by the Russian bestselling author Boris Akunin, on October 25, 2017, the hundredth anniversary of the October Revolution.

The Russian Andrei Soldatov is an expert on the FSB and wrote The Red Web, a standard work about the Russian internet and the attempt by the Russian government to restrict the internet. The Brit Eliot Higgins and his organization Bellingcat counter misinformation giving by the Kremlin, this includes information about the MH17.

The audience joins both authors in the world of fake news, hackers and information wars. How does the Russian government try to strengthen its influence through the manipulation of news? How successful is this approach? And how free are Internet users in Russia? This evening is a collaboration between Raam op Rusland and Rode Hoed.

Tonight’s moderator is Kysia Hekster, former NOS-correspondent in Moskou.