Beautiful, wealthy, happy and successful, we want people to think of us in this way and even more importantly, we like to show others that we are all of this. We’ve even created a selfie stick to create the perfect image. But how much self-occupation is healthy? Have we become to self-obsessed? And what does this behaviour entail for our societies? During this evening we will discuss ourselves, our self-images, selfies, self-obsession, self-love, self-hate and self-confidence with a.o. Will Storr, writer of the book Selfie.

People believe to be responsible for their own success, and therefore also, for their own failure. How did we end up in this age of far-reaching individualism, in which the individual longs to constantly be re-assured in his success? Are we suffering from collective narcissism? And did the idea that everything is possible as long as we believe in ourselves create a society full of narcissists and people who overestimate themselves?