Can culture change the world? Seven extraordinary creatives from around the globe share their stories: Lekgetho Makolo’s organisation Market Photo Workshop (South Africa) pioneered black photography under David Goldblatt during Apartheid and is now a springboard for young photographers; Adong Judith (Uganda) is revitalising East African theatre and film with vibrant, socially relevant productions; Marwa al-Sabouni (Syria) is reimagining how architecture can foster peace; Multi-disciplinary artist Kidlat Tahimik (Philippines) whimsically promotes indigenous culture and environmental care; Eka Kurniawan (Indonesia) writes novels that tell dark truths of history with irresistible humour; O Menelick 2º Ato (Brazil) gives voice to Afro-Brazilian culture; Dada Masilo (South Africa) melds classical ballet with African dance while addressing current issues. All seven speakers are 2018 Prince Claus Laureates. Louder than Words is hosted by ‘Our Man in Tehran’ journalist Thomas Erdbrink.    ?