Europe, 2009. Following the worldwide financial crisis, Europe suddenly had to face the instability of the Eurozone. That year, Europe first realized that Greece was not able to pay its debts. In the years that followed, the crisis escalated with the risk of sovereign debt defaults from European member states.

The Eurzone was supposed to be a project aiming for European unity and the spread of welfare, but at the same time the Euro turned out to be a project that undermined this specific purpose and goal. It increased mistrust, division and unequal power relations between Northern and Southern European countries. 

Together with Nobel prize winning economist and political theorist Robert Skidelsky we dive into the economic and political logics of the Eurozone and will search for alternatives. What can be done to achieve more symmetry between Europe’s creditors and debtors? What should be our economic strategy to sustain the future of the Eurozone?