The term counterculture was coined by sociologist Theodore Roszak to describe the social and cultural revolt in the 1960s. New York was the capital of counterculture: first as an incubator for new visions on art, life and the world, the poetry of the Beat Generation, Bob Dylan’s music, sex, drugs and rock and roll; later as a battleground for the civil rights movement, resistance to the war in Vietnam and protests against a materialistic, authoritarian society.

Singer and writer Patti Smith, her guitarist and rock-and-roll-historian Lenny Kaye, and Dylan-biographer Sean Wilentz – whose father ran the 8th Street Bookshop where Allen Ginsberg’s Beat Generation gathered – lived through and helped shape this remarkable period. Through images and music, they will show the audience what counterculture was and what it can mean for us today: An Education in Counterculture.