Crazy fetish club night

Spring is a time to celebrate. Flowers bloom, people step outside to enjoy the fresh air and the temperature rises. With the beautiful weather and the thriving environment, it is only natural that the timing feels right to entertain.

We welcome everyone with open arms to the UNLEASHED Spring Gathering! Promotion of freedom, transformation, music, nightlife, culture, passion, creativity, genderosity and more than all ... all kinds of love.

International guests

Glorious Models & Mistresses, Chill-Out Zones, Entertainment Equipment, Dungeon & Play Areas, Video Art Images and of course dressing area and lockers. At UNLEASHED parties, straight and gay merge with an attractive audience looking for fetish fantasies in complete freedom and celebration.

Respect the Dress Code

At the door there is dress code control by our door hosts; their decision is final! Respect the dress code. If you want more information go to the website: No (telephones) - cameras allowed !!