Toys ‘R After Us in Amsterdam

For their 17th annual Halloween Costume Party, Amsterdam Spook once again bring together a gathering of quirky creatives, dark souls and free-spirited misfits that all have one thing in common: they love Halloween and all things spooky, gruesome and gory.

For this year's edition, Jigsaw meets Barbie and Chucky comes out to play as your childhood toys unleash their bloody revenge. Just like every year, expect to see some truly gruesome and twisted costumes from die-hard fans and newcomers alike. Think more Bloody Buzzsaw Lightyear, Barbed-Wire Barbie and Possessed Pikachu than plain old Buzz, Barbie and Bulbasaur. This eerie event boasts an impressive line-up of performers, including artists, DJs and special-guest cosplayers.

An authentic Halloween experience

'Toyland' goes beyond big-name artists and giant, overwhelming crowds – aiming for a more costume-centric, authentic Halloween experience. If you fancy a fun, frightening and free-spirited Halloween party, Toyland is the one for you. But one thing's for sure: you'll never look at toys in the same way again!

Visit the Amsterdam Spook website for more information, and be sure to check out more festivals in Amsterdam.