Celebrate the beginning of 2022

We all missed that feeling of celebrating all together the beginning of the new cycle, as last New Year came quietly and couldn’t be welcomed properly. This year, however, it's time we reconnect and feel the energy and freedom of being side by side toasting to the arrival of the New Year at Amsterdam Nightlife’s NYE Dinner & Party!

With live performances from DJ Church, MC cookies, and many more, we will make sure this year is being welcomed with a spectacular show, marking the beginning of a new period for all of us.

In addition to that, we invite you to join us for a classy all inclusive 10-course dinner at Vandaag and later witness how the restaurant transforms into a nightclub with more than 600 party people ready to celebrate the New Year.

Welcome 2022 and celebrate the arrival of a new beginning and feel the energy of being side by side once again. Join us at Vandaag for a memorable NYE dinner & party and book your early birds tickets for €20!