Festival films in the cinema

The films from Previously Unreleased will have been shown at prominent festivals in the Netherlands and abroad, but (in the opinion of Eye) wrongly, did not reach Dutch cinemas. To amend this, from 27 June, Eye will be bringing a special selection of films from international festivals to the Dutch cinema screens. All of the films fit in with Eye's screening and collection policy, which pays attention to emerging young makers from all over the world, new work by renowned film authors and new and sometimes 'forgotten' female makers.

The 11 titles include films by newcomers such as Ainhoa Rodriquez, Gu Xiaogang and Fran Kranz, as well as works by renowned filmmakers such as Joanna Hogg, Kornél Mundruczó, Benedek Fliegauf and Cristi Puiu.

Previously Unreleased 2022 kicks off in Eye with a special: Cristi Puiu's Malmkrog , the only one of the 11 titles to be seen only at Eye. The film was specially purchased by Eye for the collection. On June 30, the first national film from the programme will premiere in De FilmHallen: Joanna Hoggs The Souvenir: Part II .

Look for more detailed information on the website.