It's going to be a magical summer at LAB111. On July 1st our retrospective of no less than eighteen films from visionary and dizzingly original Japanese animation giant Studio Ghibli returns to our cinema! For over thirty years their animated features have captured the hearts and minds of viewers worldwide and now that its founder Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement last year and co-founder Isao Takahata sadly passed away in April, it seems a fitting moment to appreciate their extensive body of work on the big screen.

Ghibli films have a great range in subject matter and genre, but certain themes return time and again in these animated stories; strong female leads, magical transformative creatures and the ever perpetuating desire to take to the skies and fly. But whichever Ghibli you encounter, the love for the craft of hand drawn animation and the creation of fantastically immersive worlds shines through in every frame, commanding the viewers' inner child to take over.

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