Love can overcome everything

60-year-old widow Emmi is sitting in a bar when Ali, a Moroccan in his late thirties, asks her to dance. She accepts. It is the beginning of a warm friendship. Their friendship blossoms into romance and Ali moves in with Emmi. When the landlord – assuming Ali is a lodger, while subletting is not allowed –requires that Ali leave, Emmi and Ali decide to marry. This is generally looked upon negatively.

Admiration for Douglas Sirk's melodrama All That Heaven Allows (1955) inspired this drama, a story of a love disapproved of by all between an older woman and a younger man. With Sirk it concerned a well-to-do widow and her gardener, in his own film Fassbinder portrays a window cleaner and a Moroccan Gastarbeiter (a migrant worker, literally "guest worker"). He managed to shoot the film – in his own words an exercise in filmmaking – in less than two weeks.