The recreational area is situated on an open piece of outer dike land, behind the dike of Monnickendam towards Marken and immediately borders the open water of the Gouwzee.

Hiking and cycling
For hikers and cyclists there an extensive network of paths has been built. A walk or bicycle ride passes playgrounds and sunbathing areas and provides stunning views and vistas.?
• Hiking trails
The ‘Troeter trail’ runs right across the region and Monnickendam itself. It is a walk of about 6 kilometres that passes all the special spots of Monnickendam. Also in the area you have the 'Eel trail' and the ‘Werf trail’.
• Cycling trails
Near the recreational area there are several cycle trails, namely:
- Gouwzee trail (39 kilometres)
- Around Watergang trail
- Aaën and dieën trail (34 kilometres)

Swimming in the Gouwzee?
• Swimming water
On the east side of the Hemmeland there are 3 sandy beaches for recreational swimming. The shallow water (max. 1.25m) is enclosed by a float line. Between 1st May and 30th September, the quality of the water is checked every two weeks by the provincial board.
• Mirror pavilion
Near the most southern situated beach you find the Mirror pavilion where you can go for snacks, ice cream and a drink. There is also a public toilet here.
• Windsurfing
The surf loop is near car park 5. There is an office here and on beautiful sunny days the First Aid station is located here.

Water sports on the Hemmeland
The Hemmeland is surrounded to a large extent by water. This makes it the perfect place to practice water sports in the broadest sense of the word.
• Waterski and Jetski
Off the coast of Hemmeland there is also a speed sailing zone, recognizable by the yellow buoys. Inside the buoys water skiing and jet skiing is permitted.
• Sailing School
For sailing and surfing lessons and also for sailing camps you can go to ‘Sailing School Vertrouwen’, that lies with its training ship off the coast of the Hemmeland during the summer months.

In the recreational area there are a number of lawns that are ideally suited to holding different events. Every year various events take place in the area.

In the winter
• In winter the area is also worth visiting for a refreshing walk or a drink at the Mirror pavilion.
• Ice sailing
- If it has been freezing for a couple of days then the Gouwzee is one of the first places in the Netherlands where you can ice sail. For years, the beach near the Mirror pavilion has been used as starting point for the DN ice sailing ships.
- Also the Society for the Protection of Historical Ice Sailers can often be found on the Gouwzee with their restored ships. The goal of the Society is to collect, purchase, preserve and restore traditional ice barges from the region. See www.ijsschuiten.nl.

Parking and public transport
The recreational area has a large car park. Hemmeland is also easily accessible by public transport (bus 111, 114 [From Amsterdam CS).