Walk with a local Amsterdammer

The free Alternative Tour lets you discover the counterculture of Amsterdam, while the free Food Tour is perfect for the food lovers visiting the city. The Classic Tour, perfect for first-timers, delves into the rich history of Amsterdam.

Join a Dutch expert to explore all the best that Amsterdam has to offer. With Free Walking Tours Amsterdam, enthusiastic local Dutch guides will show you Amsterdam through the eyes of a real Amsterdammer. Different tours provide different experiences, depending on what you’d like to see and learn.

Free Walking Tours Amsterdam offers tours on a pay-what-you-like basis, so everyone can join a tour no matter the travel budget. Join a tour to discover why Amsterdam is known as the most liberal city in the world, or get answers to the most common questions about Amsterdam: how did a small fishing village become so important in the 16th century? How does Red Light District work, and why do coffee shops sell more than just coffee?

As Dutchmen, we will tell you about Dutch culture and have you sample some typical Dutch food. Tours run every day at various times, but always start at the National Monument at Dam Square. Visit the website to begin your discovery of Amsterdam’s secrets and stories.