A warehouse full of street art in the creative heart of Amsterdam

Smack dab in the middle of the artsy NDSM wharf, STRAAT sits inside an enormous warehouse with artworks lining every wall. It starts outside with the full-length Anne Frank mural by Eduardo Kobra. The location is perfect: the NDSM wharf, located 15 minutes away from Amsterdam Centraal by the free ferry, has long been known as the breeding ground of creativity and a sanctuary for forward-thinkers. But it’s the scale that makes it the perfect place for street art: each artwork has the space to breathe and make a statement, whether it’s graffiti, mural art or an interactive installation.

It’s the biggest street art collection in the world

More than 150 artworks by 130+ (inter)national artists and graffiti writers are on display here. STRAAT is the first street-art museum of this scale. Its collection grew across five years to include art that celebrates diversity and self-expression. From a collection of vibrant artworks exploring cultural heritage by Latin-American artists to pieces that confront our ideas of identity and the world around us, there’s something here for everyone. Our favourites? Guido de Boer’s thought-provoking exploration of reading vs viewing, Icy & Sot’s reflective confrontation on refugees, and many more.

STRAAT provides an extensive historic overview of street art

There are many misconceptions about the origins and nature of street art. Many don’t realise the difference between graffiti and street art. Graffiti is mostly word-based, relies on spray precision and is often illegal. Street art is a form of art in which the artists use the streets as their canvas. This art usually symbolizes an underlying message, often a political or social one.

At STRAAT, you can learn all about the history of street art as an art form and the critical points of its development by taking a walk through a visual timeline of the events. Learn how street art originated through graffiti and tagging in the 1960s and ’70s in New York before spreading through Europe and taking the world by storm.

You can watch artists create artwork live in the museum

Is street art still street art if created indoors? The museum offers an unconventional and strong argument: yes, this is still street art. After all, the artworks are created in the warehouse on the spot. Artists come from all over the world to put their stamp on the space, and every artist gets complete freedom of creation. What’s more, every so often, you might come across the artists painting and creating right in the middle of the museum as you visit.


Artists provide context for each piece they make

You can gain a deeper understanding of the artists’ vision thanks to the information available on each piece. STRAAT puts the power into the creators’ hands by providing context straight from the artists, whether it’s an interpretation of their work or the idea that inspired them.

STRAAT Museum has something for everyone, whether street art is your old friend or a new acquaintance. This is the spot to watch artists at work, learn about the messages concealed within the artwork, and discover up and coming talents. By combining a robust collection that celebrates unique perspectives with a collaborative approach to street art, the museum creates a one-of-a-kind visual experience that you won’t regret adding to your Amsterdam bucket list.