Girl with Balloon

Banksy’s Girl with Balloon first appeared in London’s South Bank in 2002 and is one of the artist’s most powerful works to date. There’s something about the image of this little girl and her heart-shaped balloon that captures the spirit of childhood: peace, happiness, innocence and wild dreams. Is she reaching out for the balloon or has she let it go? It is so simple, yet so strong.

Garden exhibitions

The “Moco Garden” exhibition allows visitors to closely interact with outdoor sculptures by contemporary masters. The garden collection is constantly changing, rotating works by major international artists, from Banksy’s Heart Boy to KAWS’s Final Days, a larger-than-life artwork sculpted from afrormosia, a historic African wood that is believed to hold spiritual energy.

Dollar Sign

Andy Warhol Dollar SignDollar Sign is among Andy Warhol’s most iconic images. The pop artist’s work represents the crucial intersection between art and wealth, and the idea that one can’t exist without the other. Although Warhol came from a working-class family, Dollar Sign is a reflection of his deep obsession with consumer culture and his own commercial success. Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe is also on display at the Moco Museum.

Diamond Matrix

The collaboration between Moco and Dutch contemporary artist Studio Irma has resulted in a new immersive digital art exhibition: “Reflecting Forward”. Brightly colored lights and rhythmic, scene-setting music usher you through the interactive works of art. This art installation is a fan favorite as visitors get to explore, experience and reflect in their own ways.

Absolut Vodka 

Absolut Keith Haring

This celebratory piece from the late Keith Haring is definitely a Moco must-see. The pop-graffiti artist took inspiration from comic books, cartoons, pop culture and graphic design to create a signature style. This 1978 Absolute Vodka ad features New York City as the ultimate playground for the young, creative and experimental. 

Important information

Be sure to follow the museum’s coronavirus protocols. To visit the museum, you must buy a ticket in advance online and reserve a time slot. Moco Museum has established a one-way walking route to facilitate a safer flow through the museum. Visitors and staff must always keep 1.5 metres away from each other.