Museum programme for kids

Each year, Tropenmuseum Junior presents a number of new exhibitions. In addition to these hands-on displays, Tropenmuseum Junior organises a variety of special activities and workshops just for kids. Spanning arts and crafts, music, dance, and more, these events are generally scheduled on the weekends and during the summer holidays. Please note: at the moment, the workshops are only available in Dutch. 

ZieZo to Morocco

The biggest adventure for kids at Tropenmuseum Junior at the moment is a journey to Morocco. On the way you’ll meet Esmaa, Fatima, Nasrdin and Yousef. They’ll share with you what they’ve discovered in Morocco, their parents’ country, offering tips about who to visit, what you can see, taste and do. Follow their trail through the medina – a maze of narrow streets and alleys – and go on a bus trip right across Morocco. Try your hand at mosaics, calligraphy, fashion or culinary secrets..

In 2012, the Tropenmuseum Junior received the 'Children’s Museum Award', recognising it one of the best children’s museums in the world.