How to visit the Hermitage Portrait Gallery with your City Card

In order to visit this venue with your City Card, you are required to book a timeslot in advance. Book a timeslot by following this link, select your timeslot and choose the 'I amsterdam City Card' ticket during your checkout. Please make sure your City Card is valid at the time of your visit."

Super-sized masterpieces in Amsterdam

Works in for the exhibition include some of the largest created during the 17th-century, painted by artists such as Govert Flinck and Nicolaes Pickenoy. Due to their immense size, they’re rarely displayed in public, making this new gallery truly one of a kind. Rembrandt’s ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Deijman’ is added to the exhibition.

Dutch Masters Revised

In the additional exhibition Dutch Masters revised, prominent Dutch people of color, including football player Ruud Gullit, rapper Typhoon, politician Sylvana Simons and catering icon Won Yip, take on the role of the historic Dutch people of color. Humberto Tan, Ahmet Polat, Stacii Samidin and Milette Raats photographed the well-known models entirely in style by Rembrandt and his contemporaries and at special locations.

Powerful citizens

The selected works paint a vivid picture of 17th-century culture and the way city life was organised, with wealthy citizens holding important positions in the civic guard, as so-called ‘regents’ and ‘regentesses’, and in the more powerful guilds. In the portraits, the regents are joined by merchants of all ranks, social classes and religions.