A collection for emperors and kings

The showpieces were made for the palaces of kings and the nobility from countries including France, Spain, Great Britain, Russia, and the Netherlands. Given pride of place in prestigious rooms, usually on the mantelpiece, they were true conversation pieces. Owing to the mix of specialist skills and exceptional talent required to make them, these clocks are considered to represent the golden age of French decorative arts. Similar clocks to those seen in Once Upon a Time can be found in royal collections and in museums such as the Louvre (Paris) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York). Mantel clocks like these can also be seen in Dutch royal collections, including the ”Paleis op de Dam” and ”Paleis Het Loo”.

The conversation pieces in Once Upon a Time depict stories from Greek and Roman mythology, in which gods and goddesses such as Apollo, Venus and Cupid play an important role. There are also clocks with Egyptian figures, hieroglyphs and obelisks, the fall of Troy and events from the early days of Rome. In the exclusive building, in the heart of Amsterdam, these clocks showcase true beauty.

The museum café with terraces has a great view over the Museumplein and the Rijksmuseum. Audio tours are available in Dutch, English, French and German.

For more information and tickets, visit www.once-upon-a-time.amsterdam.

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