All kinds of styles mixed together

When it was built in 1620, Huis Bartolotti was one of the largest merchant houses in the city. The ordinary Amsterdammer was deeply impressed and people came to watch from all over the area. That is actually still the case today. Yet whaling ship owner Jan van Tarelink was not enough. In the mid-18th century, he had an enormous annex built, the highlight being the Blue Room in Rococo style.

The residents wanted to leave their mark on the house. Are you dancing in this rococo hall of whale ship owner Jan van Tarelink? Or do you help setting the dining table for the lavish dinner? The Hendrick de Keyser Association has been preserving the most beautiful houses in the Netherlands for over 100 years.

In the coming years, another 35 special houses will be opened: Museum houses. A beautiful Art Nouveau villa, a chic canal house, a summer house in the style of the Nieuwe Bouwen, a traditional farmhouse with a box bed, one of the first sunny homes or a 90s interior with lilac and mint green…. You want to have a look inside, don't you?