Behind the house lays a beautiful garden. It was designed in the style popular in the seventeenth century and contains a beautiful facade of the coach house. Coach House Recently the coach house was added to the museum. For a long time it was still owned by the Van Loon family until the museum was able to buy it in 2009. It was restored in its original splendour. This way the original city ensemble of house, garden and coach house was reunited.

The Van Loon family was very fond of horses and carriages. When they were in need of a carriage the coach driver went through the back exit, onto the Kerkstraat and pulled up in front of the main entrance to the house on the Keizersgracht. There the family would get in. The honourable Willem Hendrik van Loon loved driving coaches himself and entered multiple competitions on the Museumplein. In the coach house the original Van Loon carriages are on display. The authentic harnesses and liveries were also kept and can now be admired in their original place.

In the future the coach house will feature special exhibitions and provides the museum with the possibility to receive groups. World Heritage There is no better place where one can experience the Amsterdam canals in such a way as in Museum Van Loon. Because of their unique character Unesco added the canals to the world heritage list.

Museum Van Loon provides a special glimpse behind an impressive facade of a canal house.