Inspirational exhibitions and beautiful sculptures

Head along the pathways through the adjoining woods and you’ll come across over two dozen sculptures, while the museum cafe’s terrace offers stunning views of the metres-high statue of Lucebert in the garden. The artist and poet spent most of his life in Bergen. The same is true of Adriaan Roland Holst, Charley Toorop, and Simeon ten Holt - artists who turned Bergen into an artists’ village, a status it has retained to the present day. For painters, writers, and musicians alike, Bergen is an almost magical setting. Here, they derive inspiration from nature, light, and from each other, something they have been doing for more than century. The museum presents 20th and 21st-century art exhibitions for every generation, themed exhibitions that inspire and engage. As well as the exhibitions, there is a wide range of guided tours, children’s workshops, performances, concerts and other activities. The museum is also home to the KCB artists’ association, an art library, museum shop, and a VVV tourist information centre. The historic Sterkenhuis museum is just five minutes’ walk away in the centre of Bergen, and a ten-minute bike ride from the sea.