Windmills in the Zaan region

Hundreds of wind-driven industrial mills made the Zaan region world famous! They used to be the economic engine of Holland. From the sixteenth century on, a large industrial area developed along the banks of the Zaan. About 600 mills were in full operation around 1800, but advancing technology meant that many mills lost their function. The Molenmuseum is founded in 1928 to ensure that knowledge about the technology and the life of the mill is not lost.

Mill Museum

In the Mill Museum you will learn everything that has to do with mill life and mills. In addition to an overview of the mill typology, there are paintings, prints, photos, drawings, original tools and scale models. You can also see the Zaanse Windmill panorama by the painter Frans Mars. This 11 meter wide painting gives a picture of the heyday of the Zaan windmill industry. There are often theme exhibitions in the museum.