Berlage's final masterpiece

Kunstmuseum Den Haag opened its doors in 1935. After the fundamental renovation an annex was built, which now houses GEM and The Hague Museum of Photography. Kunstmuseum Den Haag was Berlage's final masterpiece; his crowning achievement of red-brick design. Due to the colourful tiles, bronze window frames and subtle details the interior is a real treat for the eye. The Hague Kunstmuseum is the place to be for a unique mix of arts, architecture, interior design and ancient style.


The permanent collection contains modern art, fashion, music, decorative arts, a print room with about 50,000 drawings, and prints and posters. On top of that the museum has five large style rooms, each representing a different art period. The Hague Kunstmuseum holds one of the world's leading collections of fashion items, an extensive music collection, and a decorative arts collection exhibited in Berlage's original display cabinets.

The modern art collection provides a varied overview of developments in the fine arts since the early 19th century. Outstanding features in the collection are the great number of the Hague School paintings and a marvellous series of works by Mondriaan, Picasso, Monet, Cezanne and Kandinsky. As a whole, the collection traces the thrilling story of modern art - right through to today.