Historical works hang alongside contemporary installations and the Golden Age comes together with the present. The encounter between old masters and contemporary art makes you look differently and see more.

Cultural Hotspot, Architectural Hot Spot

The Frans Hals Museum is divided over two locations: Hof and Hal. They are a small but nice walk through historic Haarlem apart.

Location Hal is the cultural hotspot on the Grote Markt and at the same time it is an architectural hot spot. It is a mixture of three different buildings, all from a different century: the Vleeshal, the Vishuisje and the Verweyhal. A refreshing renovation is imminent. After that, the three buildings will connect more harmoniously than ever.

The transhistorical museum

Transhistorical exhibitions and collection arrangements are an important theme at the Frans Hals Museum. The recent merger of the Frans Hals Museum and De Hallen Haarlem into one museum is partly inspired by the transhistorical project. Our visitors will therefore be increasingly surprised with combinations of old and new art, both at the Hof location and at the Hal location.