Fashion Innovations

One of the most important elements of the museum is the Innovation Lounge. Here you learn about 50 innovators who are about to turn the fashion industry upside down and thus make the industry more sustainable. One of these innovations comes from Colorifix, for example. Colorifix has developed a process for dyeing fabrics with engineered microorganisms. They applied this dyeing process to a Stella McCartney dress , which you can visit in the Innovation Lounge. 

Good fashion journey

As soon as you enter the museum, you will receive an RFID bracelet . With this bracelet you can collect badges that symbolize practical actions that you can take. These actions are collected in a personal digital guide, your Good Fashion Action Plan, which you can use at home. With this you will hopefully be inspired to look at clothes in a different way and to adjust your purchasing behavior if necessary. 

Next generation retail store

In the Good Shop you will find items of clothing that prove that good fashion is already available. The store contains carefully composed collections on inspiring themes. The theme changes every three months and the brands change accordingly.

Immersive creator space

Throughout the museum you will find interactive activations that challenge you to be creative yourself. For example, you can design your own Cradle to Cradle ™ gold-certified T-shirt in the design studio . This T-shirt is the most durable T-Shirt that is currently on the market. The design you choose is projected onto all walls at the touch of a button in the Design Studio, bringing your design to life. And of course you can see your own design printed in the shop and take it home.

At the entrance of the museum you will find the infinity mirror with facts about the current status of the fashion industry, the perfect place for a selfie. In the GIF booth In the Innovation Lounge you can take a kaleidoscopic selfie and send it to an impressive installation, to share your commitment to a good fashion industry with others.