Fuelling up

Get fuelled up with a breakfast of bio-yogurt and slices of homemade walnut bread at one of the four Vlaamsch Broodhuys locations. Lunches are also delicious, offering a nice selection of sandwiches and salads. Or, grab lunch at Slow Food darling, Gartine situated off Rokin. Tables go quickly, but sandwiches and salads made from owner-grown produce make it worth waiting. For a blowout treat, make reservations for their high-tea service. If you want to keep moving, go for a DIY lunch with a sandwich from the Kaaskamer, a fantastic cheese shop with many organic products. Get picnic fixings of crusty whole-grain baguettes, and a dazzling array of cheeses, meats and spreads.

Getting out

With all that energy, it’s time to explore Amsterdam – by pedal, foot, or on the water. Of course, a bike is perfect for exploring the cities many parks and gardens. Or, pedal - emission free! - on the water with a pedalo, easing your way through the winding canals. This lends a perfect opportunity to explore all the nooks a boat couldn’t find. During spring and summer, work up an appetite rowing a boat in a Wetlands safari, canoeing through Dutch nature with a picnic lunch of local products.

Of course cycling along the Amstel stopping at Amsterdam’s local farm stands is always a welcome escape from the bustling city centre.

Call it a night

After a day in the outdoors, freshen up for a swanky meal at De Kas, where many of the vegetables are grown in the attached green house and gardens, and the pure flavours star.

Tuckered out? Curl up at one of The Green Key certified hotels, such as one of the Conscious Hotels near Vondelpark or Museum Square, or at the central NH Carlton, and finish off the salami, cheese and breads you snagged earlier from De Kaaskamer.

Looking for more ways to be sustainable while in Amsterdam? Check out Dutch-designed alternatives to plastic that you can use on your trip.