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Off the beaten track

First time visitors to Amsterdam don’t want to miss the city’s most obvious attractions, like the Anne Frank Huis, Van Gogh Museum and perhaps a canal cruise or other city excursion. But if you’re here for more than a couple days or are here on a return visit, you might want to take some time to get off the beaten track and discover some of Amsterdam’s lesser-known attractions.

Go off the beaten track in Amsterdam

10 hidden gems in Amsterdam

With its wealth of world famous museums, galleries and historical monuments, Amsterdam is a haven for culturally minded sightseers. But look beyond th...

Unusual museums

Amsterdam’s museums are world-famous and even without having visited the city, most people know about the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House and the Va...

5 things to do at NDSM

Transformed from industrial shipyard into cultural hotspot, the NDSM neighbourhood in Amsterdam Noord has become a haven for creatives and a vibrant s...

Neighbourhood Watch: Plantage

Nature and culture meet in this tranquil neighbourhood with a wild past, interrupting the half-moon of the Canal Belt with a luscious park-like design...

5 things to do in Oost

Culture, food and film are a few things you can expect in the hip neighbourhood of Amsterdam Oost. Head there for trendy bars, rooftop views, diverse ...

5 things to do in Oud West

There's a lot to do just outside the canal ring of Amsterdam; the Oud-West neighbourhood holds onto its historic charm but adds a dash of modern cultu...

5 things to do in Zuidoost

The active, multicultural Zuidoost is home to all that is big in the world of entertainment. Here you’ll find the city’s largest cinema, t...

Delve deeper

24h Amsterdam

24H Amsterdam is an opportunity to enjoy the very best of all that Amsterdam is and has to offer. Each edition takes over a different neighbourhood in the city for 24 hours of unique events.

Amsterdam routes

So you're in the Amsterdam Area, but you don't feel like planning a route out yourself. Not to worry: we've compiled the city's best routes for you – all in a handy, easy-to-use digital format. Phone in hand, let us guide you through the best bits of the Dutch capital and its surrounding area.