A Journey with Schubert - Amsterdam Marionette Theatre

Poetical music theate for both adults and children (min. 8 yrs.)

Approx. 1 ½  hrs. (interval included).

A babbling brook, the delicate green of the willow, birds sing their song: spring has come! A young miller sets out with a well-filled knapsack. From village to village, looking for a job –  and love. Songs by Franz Schubert accompany him on an adventurous quest full of desire, merriment and surprise.
Six puppeteers play the big wooden marionettes and the countless animal figures in ever changing landscapes.

This production is performed with our own musical recording (baritone, mezzo-soprano, authentic Erard grand piano from Schubert’s time, cello  and clarinet). Songs from Schubert's famous cycle “Die Schöne Müllerin” (1823), but also other (known and unknown) songs by Schubert form the theme.