Thanks to its many volunteers and the involvement of more than 500 members, everyone, resident and visitor, can enjoy the good atmosphere and extensive facilities.

• The playground consists of two sections:?
- One section for the little ones with swings, sandpit, climbing frame and slide. Safe and accessible.?
- The second is challenging and varied for bigger children up to 8 years old. It includes a sturdy climbing frame, with slides, climbing wall, nets and horizontal bars to swing on. For real livewires there are trampolines and a cable car.
• A wide range of food and drink is also available there. From a toasted sandwich to cappuccino and from ice cream to a bag of sweets or crisps - take your pick, and at affordable prices.
• The miniature golf course: there are 12 competition courses of 6.25 m long. For just € 2.50 + deposit you get a ball, club and scoreboard and you can play. Children under the age of six may only play under supervision.
• A children’s party, a fun get-together outside and cosy at the same time: there are various packages available with or without miniature golf.
• The playground is also accessible to groups of children on a school outing. Ask for information about the prices.
• The playground is also completely wheelchair accessible. Everything designed for that and the toilets have also been updated and adapted.