1.26 Amsterdam - Janet Echelman

This unforgettable artwork was a part of the first edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival and it refers to a Chile earthquake that occurred in February 2010. Becauseof it, the planet axis shifted, causing the day to be shortened by 1.26 microseconds. This artwork is a ripple in time, made of fishing nets that sway and react to the movement of the wind, bringing it to life. 

Ghost Ship - Biangle Studio

Previously shown during the festival’s third edition, the Flying Dutchman is once more docked in Amsterdam, recreated as a ghost-like apparition rising out of the water. Without wind, the three-dimensional seventeenth-century ship is still on the water, but as soon as the wind blows, the ship ripples and shimmers like a magnetic field.

Light A Wish - OGE Group

A million wishes may be fulfilled by magical dandelions releasing their fluff into the air, just like a childhood game. Light a Wish captures the exact moment when 20 seeds rise into the air, carrying your wishes with them. 2 meters in height, they hang above the canals, lighting the boats’ way. This piece was previously shown during the seventh festival edition.

Butterfly Effect - Masamichi Shimada

The seven giant butterflies are back on the canals from the eighth festival edition. Whenever a boat sails past, the butterfly will sway on the water, bringing a vivid blue glow to its shimmering wings. It’s about how the disruption of the smallest things can bring about great impact, and its meaning is another side of the coin that is both beauty and warning at once. Even a flap of a butterfly’s wings can cause great consequences. This is a reference to an American scientist and meteorologist Edward Lorenz who researched how Brazil butterfly wing movements set off a Texas Tornado. Yet this work is much more positive, calling to mindfulness and the awareness of how a small act can change someone’s life.

Whole Hole - Vendel _ De Wolf

Back from the festival’s sixth edition, this installation becomes a complete circle thanks to the water’s reflection. But it is also a wormhole, a tunnel meant to represent a life’s journey. It starts with light and ends with a light at the end of the tunnel, and so, everything comes full circle.