Located to the east of Amsterdam, the fortified town of Naarden is best known for its church, museums and ‘star fort’ grid. From the air, Naarden’s unique layout resembles a gigantic snowflake and as a result, it was used as a rallying point for Allied bombers during World War II.

Cafés, shops and attractions
Visitors to Naarden enjoy not just its one-of-a-kind geography, but also its cafés, shops and attractions. The town’s Grote Kerk is among the country’s oldest churches and home to a series of wooden vaults filled with biblical scenes. It also hosts organ concerts and a biannual photo exhibition. In addition, Naarden is home to the Weegschaal Museum, which is devoted to weight and measurement tools.

The Netherlands Fortress Museum

The Netherlands Fortress Museum (Vestingmuseum) introduces visitors to the vital role Naarden played in defending the country, and in particular Amsterdam, against attack from the east in days gone by. Explore the museum to learn the rich history of the fortified town, take a stroll along the ramparts and jump aboard the museum boat for unique views of Naarden.

Check the Naarden Tourist Information website for more information.