Accessible to the public.

Of these forts, Fort Spijkerboor and Fort Nekkerweg are accessible to the public. The latter is the location of fort resort Beemster. In the summer months, there is limited supervised access (check the leaflets) to Fort Spijkerboor. This recently fully renovated fort is special because the rotating heavy gun turret is still present.

Furthermore, parts of the original interior have survived: there is a chapel and the large kettles in the kitchen are proof of the mobilization. Just like Fort Jisperweg and Fort Middenweg, the fort was used as a prison for some time. A few remarkable murals stem from that time.

Forts Jisperweg and Middenweg were once part of the defense works of the Stelling van Amsterdam. The calcareous sand with which the terrain is hardened, results in different vegetation than in the surrounding Beemster polder.?

List of forts:

• Fort Benoorden Purmerend, Kwadijkerweg 8, 1461 DW Zuidoostbeemster (now a wine merchant)

• Fort Nekkerweg,?Nekkerweg 24, 1461 LC Zuidoostbeemster?(now a spa)

• Fort Middenweg, Zuiddijk 13, 1461 EB Zuidoostbeemster ‎

• Fort Jisperweg, Jisperweg 150, 1464 NL Westbeemster

• Fort Spijkerboor, Westdijk 46, 1464 PC Westbeemster