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I amsterdam letters

The large I amsterdam letters are a much sought after photo opportunity. Visitors often find themselves in, around and on top of the letters, resulting in a wide variety of colourful photographic memories. I amsterdam letters can be found at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, while another set pops up at surprising locations around town.

See where the travelling I amsterdam letters are right now

Edwin van Eis

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace on Dam Square is one of three palaces still in use by the Dutch royal family. Designed along classical lines, the palace was built between 1648 and 1665, and to counter Amsterdam’s soft soil, it stands on 13,659 wooden piles. Atlas can be seen perching atop the palace, holding the 1000kg weight of the world on his shoulders. 

The most popular view of the palace is from Dam Square itself, and you can often spot special guests taking part in state visits and official receptions.

Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge)

This attractive wooden drawbridge was once so narrow that it was difficult for two people to pass each other. To cope with increasing traffic, a wider bridge replaced the narrow original in 1871. In the evenings, this charming bridge is hugely popular with couples and photographers, with thousands of lights romantically illuminating its frame.

Local legend says the bridge was named after the magere zussen (skinny sisters), who lived on opposite sides of the river and had it built to make it easier to visit one another.

Skinny Bridge Amsterdam Jo Jakeman

Magna Plaza 

Even if you're not a fan of shopping, there's still plenty to enjoy at Amsterdam's Magna Plaza shopping centre – especially if you're a photographer! The indoor shopping plaza's 19th-century architecture, its grand decor and its Neo-Gothic design make for a great picture. And the building's luxurious main hall, galleries and stunning sunroof provide even more opportunities for beautiful photos.

Magna Plaza Amsterdam shopping centre near Dam Square

Amsterdam Public Library

The Amsterdam Public Library is located on Oosterdok Island, just a short walk from Central Station. With a surface area of 28,000 m2 and 25 km of bookshelves, this modern construction is the largest library in the Netherlands. While the spacious interior of this towering structure is certainly memorable, its views of the city are extremely special. 

If you can make it to the top floor without becoming buried in a book, there’s a terrace with a fantastic outlook.

NEMO from Amsterdam Public Library H. Michael Miley

Reguliersgracht (Seven Bridges)

Amsterdam is a city of bridges, and whether you’re standing atop them or on a boat passing under, they’re a distinctive city sight. Yet perhaps no stretch is quite as special as the Reguliersgracht, where seven arched brick bridges can be seen in relatively close proximity. 

From the best spots photographers can grab a unique view of bridge after bridge, after bridge.

Seven Bridges Amsterdam by Andrew Deacon

Science center NEMO

Just down the road from Central Station you’ll find one of the most impressive feats of modern architecture in Amsterdam. NEMO is the imposing green building that accommodates the largest science centre in the Netherlands. Its huge sloping roof terrace acts like a piazza and is the highest public square in the country - offering visitors a spectacular view over the city. Once you've taken your city skyline snaps, you can enjoy a coffee or bite to eat in the rooftop cafe, or take in the open air exhibition, Energetica.

ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

Naturally, Amsterdam's iconic zoo is a go-to spot for photographers. From Artis' cheeky monkeys and waddling penguins to its regal lions, the zoo has many an opportunity to capture a once-in-a-lifetime snap. You can even get a great shot on a rainy day, thanks to the exotic marine life in the indoor aquariums and the scaly occupants of the reptile house. In particular, you'll often see photographers – novices and pros alike – taking pictures of the zoo's infamous Chilean flamingos.

Artis mama baby giraffe Amsterdam Ronald van Weeren

Famous church towers

If you’re seeking unique photographic shots of Amsterdam from above within the heart of the city centre, three of the city’s most famous churches allow visitors to participate in walking tours up their famous towers. From April through to September, the Westerkerk, Zuiderkerk and Oude Kerk host frequent tours allowing visitors to learn about the history of the churches, photograph the climb and then finish off with amazing rooftop portraits of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

From April to September, Amsterdam's most famous churches host frequent tours allowing visitors to snap some stunning rooftop portraits. 

View from Westerkerk Amsterdam


For a 360 degree panorama, head to the A'DAM LOOKOUT, preferably at sunset. This iconic tower offers magnificent views of the harbour and city centre. It is located next to the Eye Filmmuseum, next to Central Station. Thrill seekers should also experience Europe’s highest swing – positioned at a frightening 100 metres above the ground. 

Celebrate your snaps with a drink at Madam, or make the most of unforgettable views with dinner at Moon revolving restaurant.   

ADAM Toren sunset Amsterdam Dennis Bouman

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