Corona measures

Questomatica Escaperooms has taken measures to enable a safe visit. Buy your tickets in advance and prepare your visit well. Check the link for more information 

With over ten years of experience in team-building events, the team of Questomatica Escape Rooms in Amsterdam will help you organize your company outing. Whether your goal is to improve the soft skills of your team or just to have a fun time with your colleagues, you will actually achieve both. The team of Questomatica Escape Rooms will customize your company outing so your team can get the most of this real-life experience.

Your program will be based on two completely different and automated real-life escape game experiences in the center of Amsterdam. WakeUp! escape room is an adventure filled with magic, surprises, and adrenaline where you will struggle through a tangled dream of a little girl and help her safely get through its chaos and confusion. In Arcade Invasion escape room, you will travel through the world of old arcade video games, have the chance to see what is inside the brick question box, walk around life-size 8-bit landscapes and fight the evil invaders face-to-face with a pixelated laser gun!

Visit the website for more information.