The engine whistles and the fireman puts coal onto the fire. Wooden partitions creak, wheels sing and steam hisses. This is the start of the most exciting journey through time in Holland. Get on board and relive an experience from a different area. In springtime the steamtrams will take you through the most colourful bulbfields in this ancient Dutch countryside. This Ultimate Holland Experience is easy to reach: it’s situated just north of Amsterdam.

In the Historic Triangle between the ancient ‘Zuiderzee’ towns of Hoorn and Medemblik steamtrams meander from village to village passing windmills and rich farmhouses on this typical, flat Dutch countryside. A connecting historic steamer sails along the coast of Lake IJsselmeer (the biggest fresh- water lake in Europe) to the old town of Enkhuizen. These three ancient ‘Zuiderzee’ towns have nearly 2000 years of history to share between them. In April and May, the countryside between Hoorn and Medemblik changes into a colourful carpet covered with large numbers of bulbfields.