A family adventure

Questomaticas adventures are more than locks and keys. To solve the puzzles in these escape rooms you need out-of-the-box thinking, and it is surprising how well children can do this. WakeUp! and Arcade Invasion do not require specific skills and none of the puzzles involves language knowledge. To make the most of this experience we do recommend bringing a minimum of two adults with the team, especially if you are new to escape rooms. The minimum age to play in a children's team is 16+ since a smooth experience in an escape room (unless designed intentionally for children) requires concentration, focus and some adult insight. One child under 12 years old plays for free, although still counting towards the maximum number of team members.

Escape rooms

At Questomatica there are two different escape rooms: 
  • Wake Up! escape room is based on a little girl’s dream and we all know how unpredictable those turn out. Enter an adventure full of surprises, magic and some spooky moments. It is a great chance to experience childhood fun in an activity with the whole family.
  • If your family is more into gaming, then you should try Arcade Invasion escape room. Get immersed in the arcade video games world, with puzzles and riddles set among pixelated scenarios. Arcade Invasion is a unique opportunity to see what is inside the brick question box, walk around 8bit landscapes and fight the invaders face-to-face with the help of a pixelated laser gun! 

Choose your adventure and have an unforgettable family experience.

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