Corona measures

Questomatica Escape Rooms has taken measures to enable a safe visit. Buy your tickets in advance and prepare your visit well. Check the link for more information. 

Once upon a time, a small team of quirky artists-scientists-gamers came together to create a real-life escape room experience in Amsterdam. They mixed technology with gaming to create immersion where the game objects are real, tasks challenging and players must not only escape from a locked room but lose themselves in the quest. More than escape rooms, these games are a real-life adventure, an immersive experience where the use of lights and music will make you feel like you really are inside a video game or movie.

Questomatica Escape Rooms

Questomatica offers two completely different and unique escape experiences:
Choose your story and enter a real-life adventure with unique puzzles, riddles, and tasks where you are the main characters!
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  • WakeUp! escape room is an adventure filled with magic, surprises, and adrenaline that will place you in a dream taking you back to childhood memories.
  • In Arcade Invasion escape room, you have the chance to see what is inside the brick question box, walk around life-size 8-bit landscapes and fight the invaders face-to-face with the help of a pixelated gun!