The Project Arrow story

The world is in a crisis of unprecedented magnitude. It is up to world leaders to resolve this quickly. However, it has been shown in the past that they do not get along well. To ensure that the world doesn't end, a team of specialists has developed an online tool called "Project Arrow". This allows the world leaders to discover each other's qualities in an efficient and professional manner and deploy them in a race against time. Because, with proper cooperation, the biggest problems can be solved.

The name of the game is based on forming a strong group formation in the form of an arrow.

Play game remotely

You play this online team building game with a group of people from 8 people, because then you can play against each other in at least 2 separate teams. This is also the reason that this is a "challenge"; the first team to answer all questions correctly wins. During the game, the game manager of UP Events shares scores with the teams, which increases the pressure.

Each player needs two screens, such as a telephone in combination with a laptop or tablet with an internet connection. UP Events provides an introduction and start-up per game. After that all teams can log in. Each team represents a world leader and receives various puzzles and team assignments, including augmented photo & video assignments. Correct answers provide hints for the next question. After the game everyone can view each other's photos and videos and there will be a short award ceremony.

The game lasts about 75 minutes and costs € 19.95 per person excluding VAT.

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