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An escapist's dream in Amsterdam

MyEscape.Club's rooms are located in the centre of Amsterdam, just five minutes from Leidseplein and Museumplein, and close to the Heineken Experience.

Judgement Day escape room

The year is 2029. Humanity is losing its battle against the ruthless and relentless machines. Resistance fighters have discovered a secret military bunker, but there's one problem: it's been out of service since Judgement Day over 10 years ago!

Reconnaissance data confirms the bunker was once used for secret military developments and may contain cutting-edge technology – technology that can help humanity turn the tide of this war. Your mission is to infiltrate the bunker and find out what is inside. It might just be the most important mission in the history of mankind.

Back to USSR escape room

Meet Dr Korobeynikov, a famous scientist from the Soviet Union. He's working on the greatest invention of all time, and he's a little strange (to say the least.)

His assistant couldn't quite manage the pressure and ran away. Someone needs to help Dr Korobeynikov finish his greatest invention. That someone is you.