Experience the magic

Do you love plants and flowers? Then come to the all-new FloriWorld to become part of the world of plants and flowers. Discover how these green-growing beauties impact your daily life, and what effects they may have on your health. 

Upon entry, you will get a bracelet that lets you personalize a number of shows. Do you like yellow tulips? Or maybe pink lilies? Your preference will show up everywhere, even as the wallpaper in the living room of an Amsterdam canal house!

Captivating for all ages

But there is so much more to see and do on your experience route. See Daan the Movie, a short film on a bridegroom on his way to his wedding – only to find out he’s forgotten the bridal bouquet. Take a selfie among a backdrop of plants and flowers, surround yourself with a colorful sea of flowers, and see artistic creations by first-class florists.

Meanwhile, you will be accompanied by over 5,000 fresh flowers across the rails running throughout the indoor attraction. And the best part: you can bid on your own bouquet in the auction hall at the end of the tour!