Tulips in bloom

The tulip picking garden is an opportunity to select your own bouquet that can be assembled from more than 100 varieties and a multitude of colours. The flowers in the bulb show garden cannot be picked, but there is certainly a lot to feast your eyes upon: there are more than 600 varieties of species including hyacinths and daffodils.

There is also a shop with bulbs, potted plants and other garden-related products for sale, which make great souvenirs and gifts. For a more enriching context, view the panoramic paintings of the ‘Bulb Region’ that are part of a small art exhibition in the café and or visit the cinema where nostalgic films about the flower bulb culture are screened.

De Bollenburcht can be your starting point for a day trip either by bike, car or foot to visit the surrounding areas of the bulb region – but do mind your dates, because the flowers are in bloom for a limited time.