A coffeeshop owner, a sex worker, Amsterdam's flower bike man, a local entrepreneur with a quirky side hustle and more.

Discover the stories of these unique locals and experience Amsterdam like you live here. Your guide who is a storyteller shares fascinating and personal stories to help you get what makes Amsterdam tick. The best part? You'll get to meet two featured locals and ask them all the questions you want. Who you meet depends on their availability. The locals are paid for their time so that you get an authentic experience and they get to be part of sustainable tourism.

And there's more! Visit some amazing places like one of Amsterdam's best coffeeshops, a mind-bending store, a legendary 200-year-old brown cafe and end with a toast at Amsterdam’s most honest bar.

Get ready for 4 hours of exceptional story-sharing, laughter and meaningful encounters with locals and fellow travellers. Connect to our city in the most personal way and discover just Who is Amsterdam.

What it includes:

  • 4 hours of fascinating stories you can't get elsewhere
  • Access to amazing places you can't find on your own
  • Your storyteller and guide sharing Amsterdam culture and history bites with you
  • A slice of one of Amsterdam's best apple pie at a legendary 200-year-old brown cafe
  • Two drinks of your choice (coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer or wine)
  • Tips and recommendations for the rest of your stay
  • Our eternal "bail-you-out-of-jail" friendship and loyalty

Good to know:

  • This experience runs rain or shine
  • The maximum group size is 8 persons
  • This experience is suitable for 18+