EU headquarters

Brussels sights include the awe-inspiring Atomium, this huge sculpture of an atom, which was constructed in 1958 as a part of the World Exhibition and now serves as one of the symbols of Brussels. As the city is the unofficial capital of the EU, the tour also includes a visit to the buildings housing various EU institutions, where every day holds a challenge for peace, security and economic prosperity in Europe.

Diamonds in Antwerp

The extensive sightseeing tour also stops in Antwerp and at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier, a monument where the remains of an unknown Belgian World War I soldier were buried on 11 November 1922. The monument is located at the foot of the Congress Column and commemorates the National Congress of 1830 that ratified the Belgian Constitution.

We love Brussels

Further sights visited on the tour include the imposing Royal Palace of Brussels, one of the finest official buildings of the capital; the famous craft of lace-making with its refined work and delicate patterns; the fully-intact 16th-century market square and, of course, Manneken Pis. After the tour, participants are given some time to explore Brussels at their own pace.

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