Thomas Church

The building was built after the Second World War as a new church for a new part of Amsterdam. Just imagine the district without the station and Zuidas. The new brutalist architecture is clearly visible in the building. you will also find works of art by various artists from that time. And the design is full of symbolism. You will hear more about it in the audio tour.

You follow the tour in De Thomas with your own smartphone. Scan the QR code and the Tour will start. You will hear the story of the background of the design, the story of the architect and the stories of the artists, who brought artifacts into the property. Would you rather read than listen? That is also possible: the entire text can also be found in the app.


In the summer of 2021 you will also find Origins, by artist Ivan Cremer, in De Thomas. And his object Dancers from Oblivion, part of ARTZUID 2021, can be found in front of the building.