Do you want to pay the Zaanse Schans a visit, but don’t want to go on a fully packed tourist bus? Do you dare to go off the beaten track and join us by typical Dutch transport? Then bike with us to the Zaanse Schans!

Join us on this adventure to ‘the Land of Windmills’. We make sure you’ll get there with our local guide and excellent bikes! We’ll start from the NDSM wharf, which by itself holds enough stories to keep you there for ages. On our way, you’ll enjoy open grass polders, peat rivers and ribbon development villages with colorful wooden houses and traditional Dutch farms built in the shape of pyramids.

We’ll arrive at the Zaanse Schans where you can stroll around and visit this industrial heritage site. The boat tour back provides marvelous views and you can sit back and relax before arriving at Amsterdam Central Station.

This tour can also be operated visa versa. Meaning, we’ll bike from the Zaanse Schans to Amsterdam from where we’ll take you back to the Zaanse Schans by boat!

Every Sunday at 10 pm until 3 pm
Price: from € 55,- p.p.
Minimum of 5 participants