Solve the energy puzzle of the Port of Amsterdam

This large-scale interactive escape game was created in collaboration with the Port of Amsterdam. To win, players need to crack a code in order to organise the current energy distribution system in a more democratic manner – all within two-and-a-half hours.

Restart the mysterious machine and explore the port

The game is based on the fictional inventor of a revolutionary machine. This machine, controlled by artificial intelligence, can distribute energy over a large wireless network. However, for unknown reasons the inventor has sabotaged the machine. The players now need to rectify this by solving a number of challenges. Teams of between seven and 42 players search for solutions to get the machine running again. The clues are hidden in special locations in the port area. Only players who cooperate, communicate well, are creative and are game for anything will crack the codes.

Renewable energy ambition

With this game, the Port of Amsterdam addresses its ambition of ranking among the top in the field of renewable energy by 2030 as the game tells the story about energy transition in a special and creative manner. The generation and supply of energy is an important theme for the port.