Discover new things about this town

Come on a walking tour with us and Mark, Rob or Lee will be your guide. We love what we do and we do it well. We've been bone guides in Amsterdam for almost a decade and have made our business to ferret out interesting facts about our beloved town.

We're passionate about history, culture and a bit of gossip and wrap that all up into interesting Amsterdam stories. Being sociable people, becoming tour guides was a happy step. What we aim for is to enhance your stay by making the story of Amsterdam accessible, fun and personal. We're not stand-up comics but we believe in injecting our own styles or humour into the tour and aim to make you chuckle at least a few times!

We hit the main sights like the Zeedijk, Old Church, skirt the Red Light District, Zeedijk, Nieuwmarkt, Dutch East Indies Head Quarters, Dam Square, Canal Belt. Our routes do vary, depending on the weather, the speed of the group, the interests of the group.

The subjects we cover include: History overview, water defences, the miracle of Amsterdam, the reformation, Jewish refugees, Global trade: the East and West Indies companies, liberalism, from trade to social policy, think Red Light District and coffee shops, the royal family, bicycles, canals, bicycles in canals, housing and what it's like trying to find an apartment to rent here! We talk about a whole lot more too as well as any topics about the city you want to include.

We take a break in a nice café and give you our own printed maps with our top 40 recommendations of things to do I town. We mark thing for you to do based on your interests and help you make the most of the rest of your time. Do this tour early in your stay and get the most out of Amsterdam!