Skillseekers' wide range of courses and workshops accommodates every field of interest: from informal dance lessons through cooking and photography lessons to project management courses. They believe in learning as a lifelong pursuit and as being particularly inspiring when done together and in a new environment, and their mission is to make this accessible for everyone.

Jan Amos Comenius, one of the founding fathers of universal education in the Netherlands. He lived in Amsterdam from 1656 until 1670 and believed in lifelong learning, saying, “Aristotle compared the mind of man to a blank tablet on which nothing was written, but on which all things could be engraved. There is, however, this difference, that on the tablet the writing and engraving is limited by space, while in the case of the mind, you may continually go on writing and engraving without finding any boundary, because, as has already been shown, the mind is without limit.”

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