Play any of our 10+ city discovery games in and around Amsterdam. 

Below is a description of our most popular games!

The Secrets of Amsterdam's City Centre
Discover wonderful outdoor wall-art, a green hidden space right in the centre, a free art gallery, and more! Get to know Amsterdam’s city centre and red light district in a new way while solving 13 riddles. Along the way, you’ll unlock stories and local recommendations. And, bonus!, in one of our favourite cafes you can unlock a coffee + cake deal, or receive a free glass of cava with your lunch.
1,5-3 hours. 26 euro per team of 1-5 people. Play 7 days a week, starting between 10:00-14:00. Book The Secrets of Amsterdam's City Centre - or The Hidden Gems of Amsterdam's City Centre if you're short on time. 

The Secrets of Amsterdam's Jordaan

Explore the charming streets of one of our favourite neighbourhoods in Amsterdam! Discover local cafes and galleries, find curious statues and wicked (street) art. Enjoy a different view of more known spots, Westerkerk and Noordermarkt. Unlock the stories of the Jordaan – and recommendations to our favourite spots – all while you solve 13 riddles on your phone!
1,5-3 hours and costs 28 euro for a team of max 5 people. Play 7 days a week, starting between 8:00-19:00. Book your Jordaan Discovery Game

The Secrets of the Amsterdam Forest

Goats, pancakes, islands, a maze and some of the ‘big five’, they’re all part of this discovery game across Amsterdam’s greenest space: Het Amsterdamse Bos! The route is approximately 8km long, which is why we recommend cycling over walking as you solve our 11 riddles. While you crack the riddles, we’ll share forest stories and local recommendations.
2-3 hours. 22 euro for a team of up to 5 people. Explore The Secrets of Amsterdam's Forest.

The Secrets of Amsterdam Oud West
Discover hidden spaces, explore creative and quirky shops and cafes – and get to know Amsterdam’s Oud West neighbourhood in a new way while solving 9 riddles. 
1-2 hours. 20 euros for a team up to 5 people. Play The Secrets of Amsterdam's Oud West

The Secrets of Amsterdam East
Get out of city centre and discover the multicultural Indische Buurt and former port area, Eastern Docklands. Unlock the location of the smallest museum in the world, best döner kebab of the city and many other local secrets. 1,5-3 hours. 24 euros for up to 5 people. Enjoy the treasures of Amsterdam East

The Architectural Secrets of the Eastern Docklands
This discovery route around the lesser-known area of Amsterdam’s East-side shows the beauty of modern city development and architecture. As you solve 10 riddles, you’ll learn about the history of this former harbour area and the architectural projects. 1,5-2-5 hours. 20 euros for up to 5 people. Discover the Architectural Secrets of the Docklands

The Secrets of Haarlem's Golden Streets

Explore the Golden Streets of Haarlem with us. Find independent cheese and candle making shops, discover the cutest courtyards and learn about the city’s curious statues. While you solve the 12 riddles of this circular trail, you’ll unlock unique stories and recommendations to shops and cafes we love. 24 euros for a team of up to 5 people. Play in Haarlem - and discover hidden gems.